The last type of person who writes and talks about 5Linx is the person who has succeeded. They are an asset to you and their advice should be listened to. There is a big difference between someone who has been successful at a subject and someone who has been educated on a subject. The person who has succeeded knows what is important and what is not. They can also answer any questions that the person who hasn’t done it or failed can’t answer.

Flooring. Stone tiles look wonderful, but as Canadian House & cuisine at home points out, they can be uncomfortable to stand on after a while. In a kitchen, where you may spend long hours standing during food preparation and clean-up, a floor with a little more give might be better. Hardwood or cork (which is a renewable resource) make good choices.

Is it too late if you’re among those who didn’t see any of this coming? Not if you practice what author Robert ringer calls the salvage theory. Here’s an example. It’s 9:30 at night and your day hasn’t gone as you expected. You haven’t done what you wanted or intended to do. However, there is one small task you can start on. Take 15 minutes to work on it now, and you can do the rest another time. The point is, salvage whatever is left of the day, no matter how small it seems.